San Francisco Comedy Crossing Boundaries

San Francisco is known as a place that sprouts great talent, art and creativity, including stand-up comedy. A great San Francisco talent that is now being nationally recognized is socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell, who I have been lucky enough to see perform a few times at Cobb’s Comedy Club in North Beach. His comedic style addresses intense political issues without depressing the audience or alienating anyone. When my friends and I knew he had a unique talent that could reach out to a huge audience, others have begun to notice the talent of W. Kamau Bell, who just signed a deal with FX to write, produce and host his own show along with executive producer Chris Rock. The program has been rumored to be a cross between the Daily Show with John Stewart and classic late night shows. Bell who is extremely excited to begin working on his show will be definitely represent his Bay Area roots, he is thinking something like this would be a good opening,

“Hello, my name is Kamau. I come from District 14, San Francisco. We make progressive politics, gay people, burritos the size of your head, and medical marijuana.”

This is a huge deal for Bell, who has worked his way up from tiny open-mic nights to headlining San Francisco comedy shows. He gained a good amount of support performing his one man stand up show The W. Kamau Bell Curve at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. Where after one show his manager came up to him, with a weird look on her face only to see Chris Rock behind her, Bell was in shock, saying about his experience,

“It was a really good show that night,” Bell explains. “I went backstage and all of a sudden I see my manager walk in and she’s got this real weird look on her face, and behind her is Chris Rock. He slipped in the showroom after the show started— dressed in all black like he was in the Matrix. He came back to tell me he thought it was funny. He also told me to move out of San Francisco as soon as possible.”

Even if W. Kamau Bell does take Chris Rock’s advice to move out of San Francisco, he will never lose is Bay Area attitude and flair, his life in this city has shaped his opinions and style so greatly, he could never give it up completely. As a citizen of San Francisco I will continue to support Bell’s career, especially at this pivotal point because his success will continue to foster Bay Area talents to be recognized.

Here is a video, that W. Kamau Bell has been accredited as telling the first joke about Barack Obama on television.

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